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Like a Prayer by Piddling

Even though this photo lacks originality, it still maintains a very attractive visual throughout the image.

The picture makes the viewer presume that the model is deep in thoughts, and the choice of dress is excellent. It creates a nice contrast between the background and the woman's pants. The see-through part of the top adds a lot of elegance to the models figure and further enhances the feeling of subtle sexiness.

There are only a few things that could have been done better here. In such a small frame, the background is everything, and bland stones just doesn't cut it. A little bit more color variety there would make a vast improvement of the picture. It wouldn't make the viewer focus on the backdrop, unlike now, where the simplicity just hits the eyes. Best choice would've been to change the off-focused part with something else than rocks.

Another slip here is the angle at which the photo is taken. The model is very beautiful, however due to perspective, it appears that the models' right breast is a lot smaller than the left. Which creates an illusion of it being "squashed". A very easy way to evade this problem is to change the shooting angle. In this case, the photographer should have moved a bit more to the right. This would create more of a Profile shot, but it would also slightly increase the models' breast alignment, creating an even, round shape.

So long story short: Off-focused background should have been more colorful, and the perspective should have been shifted more to the right.

All of this is my personal opinion, and it in no way should impact yours.
The Artist thought this was FAIR
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